Team Total 2017 – Dream Ticket Winners

Dream TicketFrom international conferences to field trips – Total Dream Ticket grants help make it happen! Student Chapters and Student Associations apply for these grants to fund activities like study trips, or to enable their members to attend relevant energy industry events.

The Dream Ticket 2017 winners have now been identified. You can find out more about the projects to be funded by Total below. We invite you to vote for your favorite among these, to determine the winner of the Dream Ticket Special Prize – a camera worth up to €500 to capture the highlights of the trip. The Dream Ticket team with the most votes by 23 January will be the winners, so discover the projects, show your support and vote now!

The projects selected for Dream Ticket funding in 2017 are:

  1. Imperial College SPE – Imperial College London – United Kingdom
  2. Chapter Montpellier – Université Montpellier 2 Sciences et Techniques – France
  3. SPE Sponsorship team – Institut Français du Pétrole – IFP School – France
  4. Bulgarian Lions – St. Kliment Ohrid Sofia University – Bulgaria
  5. SPE UFPel Student Chapter – Federal University of Pelotas – Brazil
  6. Foreign Geo-industrial Excursion Comm. – Utrecht University – Netherlands
  7. SPECSC – Curtin University of Technology – Australia
  8. Team MAK EAGE SC – Makerere University
  9. AAPG UPN SC – Veteran National Development University of Yogyakarta – Indonesia