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At Total, we believe that sharing access to knowledge is key to our future success.  We see education as a long-term priority for our business and we know that everyone benefits when we pool our expertise, expectations and resources.

We engage with students and faculty worldwide to create a dynamic network of future energy innovators and leaders among the global education community. And we share our knowledge and expertise through active membership of relevant organisations and networks.

We supported the first ever Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on Oil and Gas 2015 and again for the second edition in March 2016, in association with IFP School.

The annual Total Energy Summer School brings together students from all over the world for an exciting introduction to Total and the energy sector.

Together with our affiliates, we work at every level to invest in future talent, support areas of study in line with our business goals and to build mutually beneficial relationships with education leaders and students.

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